• Increase revenue in your existing business

  • Attract new customers and cross promote with existing offering and client base

  • Repurpose underutilised floor space

  • Access to patented technology with no competition

  • Access to proven technology and strong brand identity

  • Low operation and staffing costs

  • Small start-up investment

  • Simple and rewarding business model

  • Low ongoing fixed royalty and  marketing fee

  • Proven franchise model - over 10 years of success in Australia

  • Over 75 locations across Australia

  • Full franchisee training & ongoing marketing and operational support

  • Financing and lease options available

  • Prime territory/locations NOW available


To receive your copy of the information booklet, complete the form below and it will be sent directly to you.

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<strong>our story</strong>

our story

HYPOXI Australia launched its first studio in Sydney, Australia in 2005. Health and image conscious Australians quickly embraced the concept and the network has since grown to over 77 studios across 6 states.

In 2014, HYPOXI Australia was acquired by one of Australia’s most successful health club chains, Goodlife Health Clubs. Goodlife and HYPOXI now fall under Fitness and Lifestyle Group, which is a market leader in the Australian fitness industry.

The HYPOXI Australia studio network consists of 18 company owned studios, and over 60 independently owned licensed or franchised studios, making it the largest network of authorised HYPOXI studios globally.


<strong>Karen & Paul</strong>

Karen & Paul

  1. What is it that you love most about owning a HYPOXI Studio?
    I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to help people. Every client leaves happy, they all get great results and I love being part of that.
  2. How has HYPOXI Australia supported you in your business?
    HYPOXI Australia was a huge support in helping us from business plan, finance, marketing and training.  They were there every step of the way.
  3. What has owning a HYPOXI studio/business allowed you to do for yourself or/and your family?
    Owning and operating a HYPOXI studio has provided financial independence,  flexibility and the opportunity to travel. As I’m writing this we are currently in a beautiful 5 star resort in Langkawi while our staff run the studio.
  4. Would you recommend HYPOXI to someone interested in starting their own business and Why?
    Yes I would recommend starting a HYPOXI studio because it is a unique product that actually works. It has world wide credibility and Australia is at the forefront of sales and marketing.
  5. What would be a moment/experience in your HYPOXI business journey that you feel, you could proudly tell the world about?
    We are proud of the fact that in under 12 months we added two new devices to our studio and in our second year added three staff and doubled our turnover.
  6. What makes you the great/successful HYPOXI studio owner you are?
    As owner operators we both come from sales and marketing backgrounds. We have a high focus on customer service and we’ve set our studio up to reflect the premium brand.


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<strong>Laura & Steve</strong>

Laura & Steve

  1. What is it that you love most about owning a HYPOXI Studio?
    I have found my true passion.  I love the personal experience my staff and I give to each and every client that joins with us plus supporting them in every way we can on their personal journey.
  2. How has HYPOXI Australia supported you in your business?
    HYPOXI Australia is very responsive and quick to assist with every question/comment sent through the ZenDesk.  With last minute questions, machine breakdowns or errors HYPOXI Australia is exceedingly quick to act with the last minute panic of us studio owners.Recognition from Head Office has also made me recognize what my personal studio potential is and has.  HYPOXI Australia’s insight of my personal studio has made me re-strategize my ‘on the business’ skills such as Marketing Structure, Standard Operating Procedures and Business Growth.
  3. What has owning a HYPOXI studio/business allowed you to do for yourself or/and your family?
    Going on 5 years since opening the hard work from myself and husband Steve has made us be able to hire 7 staff members for in the studio with me working on the business (and coming in and out to chat to all clients and introduce myself to all the new ones)!  Our staff are absolutely fantastic and we are greatly appreciative of them stepping up, taking on more duties for us to visit my home country of Canada a couple times a year plus any last minute holidays!  There has never been a day I ‘didn’t want to go to work’ even after 5 years.
  4. Would you recommend HYPOXI to someone interested in starting their own business and Why?
    Being a HYPOXI Ambassador already I have recommended HYPOXI to numerous people interested in joining the HYPOXI network.  I have found my personal passion with HYPOXI, it’s health benefits with the importance of increased circulation, how it assists in so many people’s personal body transformation journey, owning my own business, being my own boss, taking on all the challenges that come with being a business owner whilst still using my previous science career a huge success.  I have keen interest for people throughout Canada to open one as I tell everyone about it!  I only have positive comments of owning a HYPOXI studio from my own personal/independent experience.
  5. What would be a moment/experience in your HYPOXI business journey that you feel, you could proudly tell the world about?Being awarded HYPOXI OPERATOR OF THE YEAR 2015 by HYPOXI Australia is definitely a moment in my business journey I am extremely proud of.  I was absolutely shocked and had no idea, being educated in the science field and zero business education what so ever, that an award such as this would ever be handed to myself.  Being a humble, passionate, dedicated business owner I have just kept quiet on my end, trusting my intuition, go with the flow of Head Office’s marketing/promotions and naturally driving my absolute love of the HYPOXI brand.  I was unaware the key elements of how I run/manage/build my business were actually being recognised by Head Office.  When I presented the award in HYPOXI Moonee Ponds, all current and past clients were not surprised our studio was awarded.  My Passion for HYPOXI is the reason why my clients keep coming back and maintaining their HYPOXI bodies 🙂
  6. What makes you the great/successful HYPOXI studio owner you are?
    I love what I do and have never thought of doing anything else or going back to my previous science career.  With my husband Steve being a director and working full-time himself, support of one another is key to a stable foundation of anything.  Our hard work together over the first 4 years was crucial to our success.  Never giving up on myself, my staff or my clients through the course of building a strong, stable business that I absolutely love and am passionate for over the last 5 years and have never lost.  My motto is ‘treat everyone as you like to be treated’ and for client’s to come back after 3+ years and the same staff are still there, remembering their stories and ours makes them know our studio is a very comfortable, welcoming environment that no-one wants to leave and/or keeps coming back to.


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Or call our franchise team on: 02 8055 5909



I have completed the “Request Franchise Information” form, what can I expect next?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a possible HYPOXI franchise venture! We appreciate your interest and as a next step you can expect to hear from our Sales Manager via phone for a confidential conversation. We want to know a little more about you, your professional background, whether you have undergone your own HYPOXI journey, what initial investment are you looking to make into a business venture etc, and it also allows us to answer your initial questions. Our franchise screening process commences at this initial call.

I want to purchase HYPOXI Machines for my business - now what?

We are happy to assist you. Simply enter in the form field provided that you would like to purchase machines for your current business and we will provide all the relevant information to you via the contact details provided.

I simply want an information pack sent to me. How long will this take?

We value your interest and our franchise assessment process is critical to ensuring we recruit the best possible brand advocates into our franchise. The very nature of our business sees our franchisees developing relationships with prospective clients, and providing ongoing support during for what is for some, a highly personal and sensitive journey. The ease of building rapport and relationships is pivotal, which is why we would like to talk to you in the first instance. An information pack will be emailed to you following this initial introductory call.

What franchise fees are applicable?

To become a HYPOXI franchise studio owner there is an initial Franchise Fee, along with ongoing monthly fees payable for both the Royalty Fee and Marketing Fund Contribution. Detailed fee information is provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document if you progress with your application

I want to open a HYPOXI studio in my home. Is this possible?

No, home based studios are not authorised under the HYPOXI franchise model.

I am considering buying some second-hand HYPOXI devices and opening a studio. Is this possible?

In order to become a HYPOXI franchise studio the procurement of HYPOXI devices needs to be through HYPOXI Australia (the licensed distributor of HYPOXI in Australia and New Zealand), and you need to have undergone our franchise application and approval process. Only HYPOXI franchisees and licensees are authorised to trade with the HYPOXI trademark and are given access to HYPOXI Australia’s services.

I haven’t owned my own business before. Is this an issue?

No, we do not see prior business ownership as a prerequisite to success. In fact, many of our strongest performing HYPOXI franchise studios are owned by first time business owners however, they brought with them a strong commercial acumen and business experience which they could apply directly to their own business venture.

How much start-up capital is required to open a HYPOXI franchise studio?

This varies depending on your vision for your HYPOXI studio. A HYPOXI franchise requires an initial start-up investment to HYPOXI Australia from a little as $136,700 for a Studio 2 Concept (assuming the HYPOXI Devices are purchased outright). Further information on start-up costs are available for the various studio concepts, and we would be only too happy to elaborate on both the option to purchase the devices outright, or the finance lease options available (which are subject to credit assessment). Detailed capital and ongoing expenses information is provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document if you progress with your application.

I want to purchase a single HYPOXI Device for my existing businesses. Is this possible?

HYPOXI is a targeted weight loss concept consisting of a portfolio of 4 patented devices. We do not offer single device concepts for the simple reason that there is no single problem area or body shape that fits the entire population. HYPOXI is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our minimum start up concept is a Studio 2 Concept consisting of 2 HYPOXI devices. This concept allows you to treat both male and female clients using the most relevant treatment device for their specific problem areas, and incorporates the Dermology treatment that is an integral part of the HYPOXI Method.

There is already a HYPOXI studio in my area. Can I open a HYPOXI franchise studio in the same suburb?

Franchisees have an exclusive territory that we need to respect. We would be only too happy to look at your specific location of interest and advise as to whether this is a location that is available for a franchise studio.

How long does the process typically take to open a studio?

The timeframe from initial enquiry through to studio opening will depend on you. Prospective franchisees move through the research phase at a varied pace however, as a general guide most franchisees have progressed through the process in a 4 month period. That being said, some enquiries have taken up to 18 months for the timing to be right personally.

This process involves the franchise application and review of franchise documentation, developing a business plan, preparing and submitting an application for finance (if applicable), premises search and lease negotiations, fit out of premises, studio set up, operational training through to studio launch.

I have received and reviewed the information pack and am keen to progress my research. What is the next step?

If our initial information pack has further fueled your interest then the next step is to organise a meeting with our Sydney-based Sales Manager. If you are based interstate we would be only too happy to arrange a suitable meeting date and time when our Sales Manager is next in your city.

In order to obtain our template franchise agreement simply return the confidentiality deed as supplied in its entirety and we can present this information at your scheduled franchise meeting.